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Jake Edwin wrote:

He wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat.
04/06/06 13:07:51

Ishii wrote:

I like this theory very. In Japan power changes from one to group then become one again. This is Japanese history since long time.
05/19/06 17:24:07

El Presidente wrote:

Well, Ishii, thats the constitutional cascade Williams describes. The constitutional dialectic is different tho. Its when the function, not the group, goes from one to three and back to one. But I find this theory hard to distinguish form the cascade. The whole 'monolithic legislative power' thing seems to be just another way of saying, somebody divides functions and shares them out, and then pulls them back. If they share them out, aren't we back to talking about who rules, instead of how??? This part of the book confuses me. Help, anyone?
05/19/06 17:29:32

Karina wrote:

I would like to read this book as soon as possible. I paid yesterday for an e-book, but the saving in computer was impossible. Now, only possible way given by website is to buy it one more time! Any contact information is provided. How to be sure Iím not wasting my time and money? So if someone could help me, I would really appreciate.
01/18/10 21:03:10

admin wrote:

Karina, don't buy another book. Email the admin or the author directly, and they will send you a copy for free. Good Luck and Enjoy!
01/26/10 08:37:31

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